09.18.20 Sistership TV

Sistership TV Episode 4 Premiere!

Sistership TV is a variety show directed by The Powers. Each episode includes video and sound by The Powers plus numerous guests.  In this season finale, “The Sistership Arrives”, a wicker ball rolls onto the scene and sets into motion a series of fun surprises. The crones are beamed into an extraordinary feminist psycho-bio-sphere, where matter and energy are intricately woven together. Once there, they encounter a number of beings: Black Quantum Futurism; Ashley Bo­­wa and Lesley Marshall; Ricky Rainbow Beard; FASTWURMS; Annapurna Kumar; Natasha Pickowicz; and Jaime Warren. Together in our wicker playpen, we reflect on mental, natural, energetic, economic, and material entanglements, and make experimental messes of the kind that might lead to different forms of relationship. 

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Presented In Partnership with the Atlantic Art at Night Festivals Alliance