Third Space is an itinerant artist-run centre for contemporary art in Saint John, New Brunswick. We are committed to representing local, regional and national professional contemporary artists.

Third Space will highlight the work of emerging and established artists who cross disciplines and boundaries in their examinations of contemporary culture. The aim of the Third SpaceĀ is to facilitate the education, understanding and appreciation of contemporary art at a local, national and international level. It will do this by hosting exhibitions, workshops, residencies, lectures, performances and screenings, as well as by publishing and disseminating materials relevant towards this aim.

Third Space will strive to present a schedule of balanced programming while allowing space for community-based events. Through a rigorous and attentive selection process, its programming will present art-making of an advanced and critical nature.

Main Objectives

  • To present work that is exploratory, challenging and critical in nature.
  • To present work that questions and confronts social and political agendas.
  • To present work that may not be commercially viable.
  • To provide a standard of excellence.
  • To encourage exploratory and hybrid curatorial practices.
  • To develop creative partnerships and collaborations.
  • To be treated in a fair and professional manner.
  • To be remunerated based on CAR/FAC payment schedules
  • To be an open, inviting and inclusive space; everyone is welcome.
  • To ensure a variety of educational and community-sensitive programming.