12.04.15 Steven Cottingham: Love at the End of the Art World

Third Space Gallery is excited to welcome visiting artist Steven Cottingham to Saint John. Join us at the Saint John Public Library for an outloud reading from Steven’s collection of writing, Contemporary Art Daily: a novel.

Reading and Group Discussion: December 4th/ Saint John Public Library/ 6:30pm to 8:30pm/ Room 2

Tune in: Broadcast Special with Steven Cottingham talking with Alison Hughes, coordinator of UNBSJs Lorenzo Reading Series, on Local 107.3FM!

“Love at the End of the Art World comprises a lecture and group discussion about the infrastructures that support and, oftentimes, override art. Lately I have been writing reviews and attempting to transcribe a holistic experience of art. I end up speaking about the social situations catalyzed by the vernissage as much as the art—the raison d’être—itself. The reviews resemble the amateur, deeply personal anecdotes found on Amazon more than any writing published in Artforum. By writing holistically, I am purposefully situating art within the politics of everyday life. It falls into place alongside drunken conversations about conservative funding cuts, unfortunate encounters with exes, and the lived struggles of establishing oneself as an artist. Art consumes extracurricular hours, motivates careers, and saves lives. But what of those lives?

The reviews I have been writing are coalescing into an ethnography called Contemporary Art Daily: a novel. Simultaneously blending art theory and contemporary social criticism with erotica and Erowid reports in the form of a young adult novel, this book reflects on what it’s like to be an artist and what role art can play in the greater world. How can it maintain meaningfulness beyond the carefully-instituted infrastructures we have erected around it—the ones that both protect and alienate it? I will be reading from this text and leading a conversation about art as a social tool of revolution.”

-Steven Cottingham