11.08.17 Lisa Hirmer: Mother Trees of Forests Not Yet Here

Please join us for a communal meal (for humans and trees) and a performance lecture with Third Space’s visiting artist, Lisa Hirmer as part of her upcoming project, “Mother Trees of Forests Not Yet Here”.

When: Friday, November 10th @ 7 PM
Where: 89 Canterbury Street, Suite 407
Cost: Free

Mother Trees of Forests Not Yet Here is a project about human timelines intersecting with arboreal ones. At the scale of human time trees, of course, stand still, stretching past our lives in both directions. They carry in their woody tissues material memories of the world hundreds, sometimes thousands, of years before our time. And in the same way, saplings of today will carry traces of our existence well past our lifetimes into the world belonging to future generations. Looking at it from the other end however, at the scale of deep geologic time, trees can cross continents…

Mother Trees of Forests Not Yet Here is also a project about material exchange between species, of elements moving from animal body to arboreal body and back then forth again. So-called “mother trees” are the oldest, largest trees in a forest that distribute resources to younger trees through underground networks of mycorrhizal fungi. But the title also refers to an act of tending to what is young now, in anticipation of its future forms, and an act of care for who or what is not yet here—a material transmission to the future. Mother Trees of Forests Not Yet Here is finally also a project about negotiating public space with an eye to the future, where telescoping time scales unmoor boundaries from their fixity. It asks how imaginaries might occupy collective spaces and become part of our daily routines across the city.

In addition to the meal and lecture, “Mother Trees of Forests Not Yet Here” will involve the planting of young nut trees in public/semi-public spaces in Saint John between Nov. 11th – November 18th.

For more about Lisa Hirmer’s art practice visit:


Accessibility notes: Our main door on Canterbury Street is located up 4 stairs. Visitors can access a ramp and elevator from our ground-level entrance on Duke Street. Please call 506 645-8335 if you have any questions or require any assistance.