02.10.17 PERFform 17: New Brunswick Performance Art Tour with Linda Rae Dornan and Mathieu Léger

When: Friday, February 10th at 7:30 PM

Where: 89 Canterbury Street, Suite 407

Between 20 January to 28 February 2017, Galerie Sans Nom presents PERFform, a Performance Art Tour in the province of New Brunswick. This tour will feature two New Brunswick artists who have established practices in performance art: Linda Rae Dornan (Sackville) and Mathieu Léger (Moncton). PERFform aims to bring performance art throughout the province with this tour, hoping to disseminate an artistic practice that is more obscure from the tradition of visual arts. Made possible through a Touring Grant from the Ministry of Tourism, Heritage, and Culture of the Province of New Brunswick, this tour will bring the artists to 9 communities throughout the province. The artists have prepared a series of performances created specifically for the first tour of its kind in New Brunswick.

Linda Rae Dornan’s art practice is performative and interdisciplinary, inclusive of video, installation, performance, sound and writing. Each feeds into the other exploring how we speak/communicate and connect to each other and the voice and body, listening, language, place, memory and being. In a series of connected performance shorts, Dornan will perform fragments of mark making, orality, and gestures. Recent projects include the performances, Woven woven lost and found at Visualeyez Performance Art Festival, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, and Performing Rituals of Place in Reykjavík, Iceland. She has been making performance art for thirty years.

Since 01996, Mathieu Léger has been interested in performance art. His performance work engages notions of personal, social, and cultural boundaries, territory, in/visibility, language, and communication. He works in time specific projects lasting up to and beyond 20 years. For PERFform, he will investigate themes of boundaries in New Brunswick using the province’s flag as a source for iconography and performance elements. He is a serial artist-in-residence. In the past year, Léger has participated in Rencontre internationale d’art performance de Québec (RiAP) and the Wandering Arts Biennial in Brussels, Belgium.

Twitter & Instagram: @Perfform
Facebook Event : https://goo.gl/0dT2MA
Web: www.perfform.ca