Interurbanicity: The tongue is the rudder of our ship

The Tongue is the Rudder of Our Ship takes the process of collaboration as its central content. Through the use of maritime semaphore flag signals, Sym Corrigan (Halifax) and Leah Modigliani (New York) produce a rich visual display of information that yet fails to communicate as a satisfying conversation. The artwork reflects the process of trying to create a unique artwork through long distance communication via emails and phone calls, where every potentially strong gesture and creative impulse is lessened by the delays of space and time. The artists’ performative use of semaphore flags set against the backdrop of their separate locations of New York City and Halifax refers to the Maritime regions of the “new” states and provinces of Canada and the USA. (New York, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick) while also referencing their long history of trade. In this way The Tongue is the Rudder of Our Ship becomes a metaphor for both personal and economic relationships, language, and the difficulties of negotiating outcomes that are beneficial for all parties concerned.
The Tongue is the Rudder of Our Ship is presented as final exhibition of the Interurbanicity series for which Third Space received project funding from the Canada Council for the Arts. Third Space also receives annual funding support from the Province of New Brunswick Department of Wellness, Culture and Sport and support from the Telegraph Journal, Punch Productions and UNBSJ.
The only artist-run centre for contemporary art in Saint John, Third Space Gallery / Galerie Tiers-espace is an interdisciplanary exhibition, performance and production space committed to representing local, regional and national professional contemporary artists. This exhibit will be on display 24/7 at the Third Space Galley window at 40 Charlotte St.
Join us Friday June 26th from 7-9pm at the Infusion Tea Room at 41 Charlotte Street for the exhibition opening. Bring a bottle wine and come out to enjoy an evening of art. This exhibit will be on display at the Third Space Gallery window vitirine from June 26th to August 7th.