Art auction fundraiser for the Saint John Skateboard Park.
With the anticipation of a new skateboard park in Saint John, NB growing and construction slated for later in the new year, the Fundy Skateboard Committee is excited to announce Artists on Board, a special event to create further awareness for this wonderful cause and to raise additional funds for the parks construction.
The event is comprised of a silent auction featuring art by an amazing cast of New Brunswick artists such as Gerry Collins, Kathy Hooper, Ken Tobias, Meghan Barton, Jessica Rhaye, Chris Lloyd and many others, doing original works on blank skateboard decks. The newly painted Master Pieces’ will be on display and available to the highest bidder at Third Space Gallery from January 19th until February 16th with all funds being donated towards the Skate Parks construction.
Artists on Board organizer, John Marshall, local artist and former skateboarder, along with the Fundy Skateboard Committee say they wish to show the community how skateboarding has a far greater cultural effect then most would recognize. Skateboarding is as much a sport as an act of self-expression and many skateboarders cross into the worlds of both sport and the arts.
In conjunction with the art auction, there will also run a fabulous retrospective exhibit by Homegrown Skateboards, the maker of the blank decks the artists are using as their canvas. Homegrown skateboards is a Maritime owned and operated skateboard company based in LaHave, Nova Scotia where they have been building skateboards for over 10 years. This exhibit will feature a series of mixed media elements from different skateboard graphic designs, to beautifully taken skateboard photos and even one of the companies first home made board presses.
Come check out this one of a kind event and place a bid on an original piece of art to help raise money to bring a World Class skateboard park to your community.
Artists on Board exhibit will run from January 19th to February 16th at Thirdspace Gallery, 42 Princess Street (Brodie Building) 2nd Floor, Saint John, NB. Gallery Hours: Wed-Fri 3pm to 6pm and Sat noon to 6pm.