Perhaps in 100 Years

a performance by SMALL WOODEN SHOE
Peformance for 2 nights only!
Thursday + Friday November 3 + 4 | 8pm | Suggested donation $10 |
(limited seating)
A performance about the future, optimism, and maybe being stuck in space. Created and performed by Chad Dembski, Ame Henderson and Jacob
Zimmer, in collaboration with Kilby Smith-McGregor. Conceived and directed by Jacob Zimmer.
Three friends sit in a small room—which may or may not be on a space ship—waiting for their future to arrive. In the meantime they tell stories, sing songs, pass notes, and try to answer some questions. They are surprisingly optimistic, given the conditions outside, armed as they are with cheerful pop songs and over a millennium worth of utopias. The compiling of lists, small and doomed attempts at creating utopia if only for a moment, dancing, lip syncs and quiet beauty all fill the space as our heroes pass some time in the company of an audience.
About the performance:
“There are two kinds of performance: the kind that sucks and the good kind. Perhaps in a Hundred Years is the good kind, a very rare animal. Perhaps in a Hundred Years creates a massive respectful space for contemplation while still managing to be as entertaining as a good make-out session.”
– playwright/performer Darren O’Donnell
“I feel privileged to be the witness of something honest, positive, contemplative, current and quietly simple. I leave the white room inspired. I would watch this piece again in a heartbeat. I sincerely hope that others will have a chance to see it.”
– director Brendan Healy
We gratefully acknowledge our tour partners: Khyber Centre for the Arts, Third Space Gallery, and The Canada Council for the Arts. PHY was created in partnership with Candid Stammer Theatre and with the support of the Toronto Arts Council.
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